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Connections Achievement and Therapy

Reviews From Patients And Parents of Patients

Teenager, Post Concussion

Aley suffered from constant headaches and focus issues for a year after receiving a concussion in her sporting event.  After seeing multiple medical professionals the only options presented to us were medications for the headaches and ADHD medication for the attention and focus issues.  We were blessed to casually run into Dr. Jackson.  After therapy at Connections Aley is now headache free and has no issues with focusing. Her processing and reaction time have also improved greatly!

Adult, Mild Cognitive Impairment

I arrived at Connections office not in good shape. I could barely walk, talk or be aware of my surroundings.  After an extensive evaluation, Dr. Jackson told me, "I'm not sure I can cure you, but I know I can make you function much better."  I walked out smiling, knowing in my heart he would cure me.  My initial routine began with therapy for one hour a day for 5 days each week.  From there we went to one hour a day for 3 days a week and now I am doing one hour a day every other week or two hours each month.  I feel GREAT!  My cognition is back where it used to be, I remember things that happened yesterday and I no longer trip or fall backwards like I did when I first went to Dr. Jackson.

I want to thank Dr. Brice Jackson and his entire staff (Linda, Jessica and Kristi) for all they have done for me.  It is because of them that my brain, coordination and cognition are back where they should be.

Thank you Dr. Jackson for laughing out loud!!!

Child, Autism & Chronic Pain 

"THANK YOU" seems so small, but  I want to say THANK YOU to you and your staff (especially Linda) for the exceptional guidance, training, and care you have given me and my precious Andrew during our short time with Connections.  I know the good LORD led me to find Connections and I am just rejoicing in finally having a glimpse into what is going askew in Andrew's brain and being given the  tools and a reasonable plan of action that actually WORK!!

You will never know just how much we appreciate your working with us and your sharing such AMAZING INFORMATION with us!

You, Dr. Jackson, are the first person we have encountered who is truly an EXPERT.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  God bless you, your staff, your family, and your OUTSTANDING CLINIC!!!!

18yo, CP and Autism

Here is what we have seen in Sarah since June 2012:

Improved balance and coordination – can  now walk the entire driveway without holding onto my hand

Greatly improved vision. Sarah could not match anything accurately before – the items were beside, under, “close by” but never matched right on top.    Thanks!

12yo, Autism

My son, age 12, was born with severe medical conditions and underwent several surgeries. At age 7 he was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. Although interventions were introduced as early as four months of age and were followed with numerous therapies over the years, improvement had been minimal. Several therapists had even exited him from their programs because of lack of progress. Thankfully our prayers were answered when we found Connections Achievement and Therapy Center. After starting at Connections last year he began accomplishing goals he has been working on for years. He had an evaluation from an independent physical therapist who was so pleased with his progress that she stated he no longer needed physical therapy. My son still has a long way to go, but as a parent I am overjoyed with his improvement. Thank you Dr. Brice Jackson and Dr. Megan Jackson for offering these therapies which have been so beneficial for my child!

8yo, Asperger's

"Before we found Connections, we had tried everything for our son - OT, PT, nutrition, other chiropractors, ST, aquatic therapy . . . we were at our wit's end and ready to resign ourselves to having a son with Asperger's.  Dinner time was chaos, he was violent towards me and my daughter, and tantrums were a daily tribulation.

Today, our son isn't perfect, but the changes we've seen have been remarkable - and he's only completed half of his program!  Not only does he sit down all the way through dinner, but he's actually trying new foods!  His behavior at school is much better; and now it's more common for him to be affectionate towards his sister than violent.

This is the first program we've tried that got such dramatic change, in such a short amount of time, and the changes have stayed.  We had high expectations, but they've all been exceeded!"                                                                                                                                                                          

13yo, AD/HD

"At 12 years old, our son was struggling.  His academic performance was disappointing - far from his best; he had very few friends and had frequent outbursts at home.  He was diagnosed with AD/HD and given Adderall.

We spent thousands of dollars on different therapies, but saw very little positive change.  In fact, we saw him deteriorating in front of our eyes.  We had nearly lost hope.

Skeptically, we started him in the Connections program, but our skepticism was soon dispatched.  For the first time in his life, I actually had a real, adult conversation with my son.  It was like he woke up and we had our son back again.  This is by far the best investment of time and money that we have made.

Our son isn't perfect, but with balance back in his brain we have balance back in our life!  Thank you Dr. Jackson, for giving us our son back!"

4yo, autism

"We could not believe that within just 2 weeks she was using more spontaneous speech and interacting with people more!"              

Simon, 8yo

What were your major concerns before bringing your son in?
"Our son is a very normal boy, but has a few oddities that just did not seem right.  I have always felt that my son was on the autistic spectrum, but all of the doctors that he had seen said that he was just a little different.   I just knew though that something was not right.  He seems to have a lot of the Asperger's / autism qualities, but not enough to place him in that category.  He does the hand flapping thing when he gets excited or when he is focused very intently on something, like video games.  Loud noises tend to bother him, change is very difficult for him and things like water in the face or grooming tasks, such as, cutting fingernails is uncomfortable to him." 
What attracted you to our office initially?
"I was attracted to Connections Center for Children because for the first time I had a doctor tell me that they could run tests and based on the test tell me where the disconnect was in my son's brain; and based on that evidence they could help him.  How refreshing!   I also liked that it was a fun environment for my son.  He could go in and exercise and play computer games and challenge himself, and it did not feel like a  doctor visit."
What was different about Connections than other therapies that you have tried?
"We have been to counselors, mainstream doctors, naturalists, etc., and it was always 'let's try this and see if this helps'."  I liked that at Connections they could tell me exactly what needed to be done to help my son.   Before they ever recommended any course of action they checked his blood for allergies and gave him a series of tests, and based on the results, designed a program that was specifically for his needs."
What changes have you seen in your son since starting the program?
"Probably the biggest change is the fact that my son is not afraid to go to school because of the fire drill.  As soon as he started Connections he stopped asking 'Mommy, will there be a fire drill today?'  It was wonderful knowing he could go to school without being fearful.  He just generally seemed happier and more connected to people.  It is almost like he is just more comfortable in his own skin.  Even his vision has improved as a result of his therapy."
What would you say to another parent who was considering bringing their child to Connections?
"I would say find a way to do it.  There is absolutely nothing about this program that could be harmful to him, which is wonderful.  The only thing he actually had to take was a vitamin that was designed specifically to his needs based on his blood results. My son did not have to take a pill that could possibly" make him better.     I did not have to worry if I was doing the right thing because there are no negative side effects only wonderful results!"


Video Testimonials 

Zac, 14 years old, and his mother discuss their experience at Connections: